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  1. About Us

  2. Our History

  • The precursor of DBB was established at 1993 : The Institute of Biotechlonogy For Aquaculture , was the first specialized Biotech reasearch institute in all of Taiwan's national universities.Thought the twenty-odd years of our history we continously nurtured and cultured countless talents in the fields of Biotech for the domestic and abroads alike; and had always been known for our solid, rigorous, teaching and training programs in the community of both the industries and academic. The inclusion of Committee for General Chemmistry Education, which responsible for the school-wide shared curriculum of General Chemistry in 1995 further add the feature of chemistry education and research to our department. And were at 1996 recieved the permission of establishing Ph.D program. At 2002 the change of institute's name to Institute of Biotechnology and the continous appointment of experts specialized in different academic research reflect the diverse and multidisciplinary nature of Biotechnology. In 2005 the support in the establishment of NTOU's Bachelor in Bioscience program deepening the root of well established teaching tradition.

  • Since August of 2014, the Department of Bioscience and the Institute were merged to became the Deparment of Bioscience and Biotechnology of NTOU. Through this merging we had restructured the curriculum and program from undergraduate to graduate, and finally Ph.D, and make changes to the continuum of Biotechnology courses, in response to the trend in social environment and the needs in industries. In the future, NTOU DBB will still uphold past tradition in focus on the development of student's ability at basics of Biotechnology and Applied Chemistry , while the same time emphasize the 'Multidisciplinary' and 'Marine Biotechnology' applications in the commmercial aspects, promoting student's field practices and instructor's participation in industry-academic coorperation projects with related application, and cultivating and supporting the technical specialists the country need.

  • For more information go to [海大生科沿革]

  1. Specialties

  • Compare to similar courses in other universities of taiwan, what NTOU DBB defferentiate itself is by it's feature of multidisciplinary teaching and research integration of “ Marine Resource ” , “ Biotechnology ” , “ Aplied Chemistry ”, creating a broader development future for our students.

  • As for teaching ,our departments faculty include specialist in the field of Marine Biology, Embryogenesis, Molecular Biology, Genomic and Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Material Science, Nanotechnology, and Analytic Chemistry that NTOU already possessed, so except the general bioscience course taught at universitie's main stream, we furthermore emphasized on the technical knowledge of marine life resources and of the field of chemistry. Beside this our department also collaborate with Academic Sinica in the program of Molecular Integrative Biology (MIB), introduce the staff and resources of one of taiwans most presdigiou's research institute to broaden the learning landscape of our students. And because of this our department's bechalor and graduate have the opportunity to participate in the “Elite Research Project” that we and the Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, ICOB, together established, hone your technical expertise in our department and develop the capability to stand on the world's stage!

  • In research, our staffs have vigorous productive energy, on average recieving more than 20 mil NTD in support grant annually, in addition to the well established precision instruments, such as mass spectrometer, high performance liquid chrommatographer, confocal microscope and the likes that our department already possessed, we are well equiped to supply an intensive academic and practical trainging to our bachelor and graduate students. Also , our faculty are actively performing integrative multidisciplinary apllied reasearch, in the perspect of appication our main include the following 4 main multidisciplinary themes : (1) bionics nanomaterials, (2) biological stress and environmentl detection, (3) marine microorganism biotechnology, and (4) model organisms and embryonic development. Our department integrated the experts in different field of marine science, biotechnology, chemistry and material science, and therefore enable the student participate in the relatedprogram have the opportunity of learning knowledges from serveral fields a thte same time, staying alongside the trend of most cutting edge technological innovation, becoming the multidisciplinary talents that future industry can't do without.

    For more infomation go to [Research Specialties]

  1. Faculty and Curriculum

  • Our deparmeent recieved honor of the Most Merit Department of whole school in 2006 and 2007, many of our academic and administration staffs also recieved the affirmation of merit instrucor, merit advisor, and merit administration staff. We take immence care of our students but also have for them strict standard, provide active guidance but at the same time respect their independent thought and perspective as an biological ontology individual, with the goal of hoping our mentees become the scientific human that possess both the eyesight of ocean and the mental quality of “honesty, simplicity, fraternity, perseverance”.

  • As for now our faculty include 15 appointed instructors, 11 jointly appointed instructor with Institute of Marine Biology, 12 jointly appointed instructors with MIB project, and 6 adjunct instructors. In total the line-up of more than 44 multidisciplinary experts across all biotechnology related fields holding Ph.D degree, covering both the fields of pure and applied research, could say to be among one of the most prestigious quality in the country!

  • For more innformation go to[Our People]

  • To achieve our teaching objective, we have set up for our bechalor student the solid fundemental courses of “bioscience” and “applied chemistry”, And offer the choice of two main program “Biotechnology” and “Marine Biodiversity” in accordance with each student's interest and talents to strengthen their professional knowledge. We also encourage those with outstanding performance to enroll in the 5 year BA-MA program , with scholarships and credit tuition waivers provided by the school, and the excellent learning environment of our department, to acquire both BA and MA in the most efficient manner. As for our graduate program, we have comprehensive master and Ph.D courses that strengthen the student's technical proficiency in both biotechnology and applied chemistry, and also we set up the “academic elite class” and “industry academia elite class”, providing those with particular interest and ambition for research or industry plenty chances to challenge and improve themself!

  • For more information go to [Curriculum]

  • As for execution we actively introduce innovative teaching methods, such as real time class feedback system, flipped classroom, guided problem learning and so on. And in addition we have set up our very own online learning platform, in it collected database of lecture podcasts for main subjects, prvoding students the material and resources for repeated preview and review. And among them the biochemistry courses even are listed in the website of Taiwan Open Course Consortium, and recived much praise from self study individuals in society,and the affirmation of reward from Northern Taiwan Teaching and Learning Consortium. Rigorous, Care, Diversity, and High-Tech are the feature and goals of our deparment's courses!

  • For more infomation go to [NTOU DBB Cloud Learning System] and [NTOU DBB Open Courseware]

  1. Future prospect

  • 1. Further Education : Apply for greduate program of NTOU or other domestic or abroad universities in Life Science, Biotechnology, Biology, Oceanography, Marine Resources Management ,Marine Biology, Chemistry, Chemistry Engineering , Food Science, Aquaculture and related fields.

  • 2. Work in Academic Fields : Teaching in college, high school, middle school biology, and job opportunities from the Academia Sinica.

  • 3. Industry : Biotech companys, environmental companys,patent laws, investment consultant, pharmaceutical research, marketing, research instrument, food industry, electroniic industry, photoelectronic industry, and standard technology.

  • 4, Civil service : apply for exam for work in ministry of health and welfare, deparment of environmental protection, agricultural research institute, agricaltural research and extension station, aquacultural research institute, and the execution and management of other biotechnology related policies.

  • For more information go to [Future employment prospect]

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