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BS program
Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology (DBB) offers a four-year program leading to the degree of the Bachelor of Science majoring in Science. 
The Bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 128 credits and two courses of the Biotechnology, Marine biodiversity,Molecular and Cellular biology, Applied Chemistry and Biology, and Bioinformatics programs.Or one of above-mentioned program and one course of E-commerce, Optoelectronics and Physics,Micro and Nano Technology, Environmental Biology, Management, and English programs.

[Sound base of knowledge] 
1. Core curriculum: 28 General Chemistry (4+2), General Biology (6+2), General Physics (6+2),

Calculus (6) 
2. Essential curriculum: 26+2 Introduction to Computer Structure (3), Biochemistry (6+2),

Organic chemistry   (6+2), Biostatistics (3), Microbiology (3+1), Marine Biology (2) 
3. Research curriculum: 2 Seminar (1), Special Topic Research (1) 
4. General Education curriculum: 28 Chinese (6), English (6), History (2), Constitutionalism (2)

30 credits are required
thesis: 6cr; seminar: 4cr; other requirements: 3cr; electives: 17cr

30 credits are required
dissertation: 12 cr; seminar: 4 cr; other requirements: 3cr; electives: 11cr