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Director of the department


Founding of Institute of Biotechnology

The Institute of Biotechnology was established in 1993, Institute for Aquacultural Biotechnology was its' precursor, at the year of 1996 recieved the permission to further set up a Ph.D program. During the process the panel for the education of general chemistry, the shared subject with other departments in school, the Committee for Education of General Chemistry was included in the institute in 1995, and have been responsible for teaching of general chemistry for the whole school ever since. And at the year of 2002 recieved the mandate to rename as the Institute of Biotechnology.


The Department of Bioscience

The Department of Bioscience was approved for establishment in 2004, and in 2005 start the first admission to our bechalor program.


The Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology

In 2014  the Institute and the Department of Bioscience merged to become the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology. Having program for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D students.


Past Directors

Institute of (Aquacultural)Biotechnology

Department of Bioscience

Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology











Todd Hsu(許濤)  



Chi-Thai Lin(林棋財)  



Shye-Jye Tang(唐世杰)  




Shye-Jye Tang (唐世杰)  



Chin-Hwa Hu(胡清華)  



Tung-Ming Hsiung(熊同銘)  



Fu-Pang Lin(林富邦)  



Todd Hsu(許濤)  



Todd Hsu(許濤)  



Han-Jia Lin(林翰佳)



Hsiu-Mei Lin(林秀美)

(2017/08~ 2020/07)

Shye-Jye Tang(唐世杰)

(2020/08~ 現任)